Hypnosis for Grief, Loss and Bereavement

An integrative health strategy to help you

Hypnosis involves progressive relaxation, then suggestions of imagery and inner release focused specifically on your loss to …

help you care for yourself with compassion
permit yourself to grieve at your own pace
find a place for grief that does not overwhelm you
reconnect with the positive memories of the person you have lost
release painful memories or feelings
access feelings of calm and strength
release any guilt

Grief bird release

Losing a Family Member | A Loss Due to Suicide | A Pet’s Death | Loss of a Relationship | Anticipatory Grief

Everyone grieves differently – “Grief has no timeline and no boundaries. Everyone grieves differently and for dissimilar lengths of time. Your level of grief may depend on your age and personality, your pet’s age and personality, and the circumstances of your body_beach_photo-1425009294879-3f15dd0b4ed5pet’s death, as well as the relationship between you and your animal. Often, individuals who live alone take longer to grieve because their companion played such an important role in their lives. The same is true for disabled people who lose a therapy- or seeing-eye dog because the animal was not just a companion but also a vital aid to their daily tasks.” Psychology Today

Hypnosis itself has been around for centuries: Egyptians in 1550 BC and Mesmer in 1770; Mozart composed the opera “Cosi fan tutte” while hypnotized, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity was born during self-hypnosis; numerous current-day celebrities are fans of hypnosis (including Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts, Jackie Kennedy, Matt Damon, Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah.

How is hypnosis conducted?  Hypnosis is performed by a trained practitioner who uses verbal cues to create mental images, whereby a state of calm and relaxation is induced to help the patient to cope better with anxiety or pain.

Imagine the right combination of relaxation, meditation, visualization, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, allowing you to feel greater inner peace.


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