Hypnosis for Dentistry

Dental Fear or Anxiety?

Feel Calm and in Control

Hypnosis works: grounded in science and quicker than meditation

Dental visits can feel scary — 40% of Canadians agree with you.

If you fear going to the dentist, you are not alone.  According to Statistics Canada, 40% of the Canadian population have a strong fear of the dentist.

Even scarier are the problems that come with not going to the dentist.

Our imaginations can both astonish and unnerve us.  By harnessing the ability of your imagination, we can empower you so you can attend to your needs.  This can be achieved through hypnosis/hypnotherapy, a non-invasive and safe practical approach.  Imagine a more relaxed and calm dental experience.

Use the power of your mind to defeat dread before a visit to the dentist.

Helping patients feel more calm and in control and less anxious already begins a few weeks prior to the actual dental visit.  Let’s get your dental anxiety or fear under control so you can feel calm and have a great dental experience.

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The Power For Positive Change Resides Within Your Own Mind

When you choose to accept the suggestions presented through hypnosis,
you can be comfortable knowing that you are the one safely in control
​of your own positive experience.
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