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Aura Reading & Drawing

There’s something nudging you to take a look, peer into the past to uncover what past-life lessons you need to revisit, embrace in order to move forward. Sound familiar?

Past Life Regression is a process of learning how events from another time period are interconnected to your present life situations. By taking a journey to past life/lives, you can gain a greater awareness of your life purpose.

Aura Reading is the ability to see auras is considered a psychic skill. Those with the psychic ability to see them say that they look like a band of light that wraps around each person. That band can be filled with many different colours.  I actually sense, not visually see, clients’ auras and proceed in communicating the essence through symbolic drawing and then discussing with client the meanings behind those symbolic images.

Womb Twin Survivor Phenomenon

Do you have a nagging intuition that your extra empathy may come because of a presence, or absence, of someone in your life who feels vaguely missing? Also known as Vanishing Twin Syndrome, some individuals believe they thought they be missing a sibling lost early on, before birth. As described by Susan Heitler Ph.D. in a Psychology Today article, she poses the comment, “Your Intuition May Be Right.” If you were originally conceived with a sibling, and that sibling died in utero, neither you nor anyone in your family may have known that you started out with a twin. The in utero loss of a “vanishing twin” can have emotional impact on the surviving child. Through holistic hypnosis and harnessing the ability of your imagination, you can become empowered to safely explore what may have occurred and move forward. This is a process of guidance and discovery. Contact me to discuss how my unique protocol works.

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The Power For Positive Change Resides Within Your Own Mind

When you choose to accept the suggestions presented through hypnosis,
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