“Your session helped me learn to love myself again and learn to recognize the signs of stress and focus on my own self-care so that I can be a better provider.  I am already experiencing a greater sense of calmness and able to enjoy my work again and have a more balanced work/life attitude.  Thank you for your help.  I am looking forward to another guided meditation and private hypnosis session.” ~ V.M. (Sarnia, ON) – Job Related Stress

Stress is common in our professional and/or personal lives.  We know this.  We also know that everyone handles it differently.  Consider also that there are different types and levels of stress.  When you are feeling unable to cope with the level of stress you are facing, there is support.  Hypnosis/hypnotherapy combined with some coaching is an exciting collaborative technique that may be just what you need.  Private 1:1 sessions are available starting with an introductory session 90-120 minutes.

There are different approaches in the how-to of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for stress management but consider the comforting thought that you choose how to approach the root cause, because you are in control. You can break free from emotional wounds without reliving or re-telling them.  That’s the power of hypnosis work with Tamelynda Lux because you deserve peace and emotional freedom.

With the collaborative approach of using a life coaching model, specifically the revolutionary co-active model, we can together explore your next steps, putting together a realistic action plan so you can achieve your goals. Imagine the relief and satisfying fulfillment!

Occupational Stress | The Workplace

Occupational stress is stress related to one’s job. Occupational stress often stems from responsibilities and pressures that do not align with a person’s knowledge, skills, or expectations, inhibiting one’s ability to cope.  “Work Stress May Hurt Long-Term Mental Health,” reported by Psychology Today.  Connect with us through Advanced Resilience Training and Development for group sessions on Psychological First Aid, Canadian Red Cross, Mental Health First Aid, Verbal First Aid, and other important topics.

Academic stress and exam anxiety

Individual, private hypnosis sessions are really the key to helping you better manage stress, improve memory recall, and manage test and exam anxiety.

Using targeted language to focus on your specific concerns, benefits of hypnosis include:  feeling relaxed, gaining more energy and work ability, able to better deal with workload, help with stress issues, a positive effect on work and leisure time.

Academic Fundamentals Session:

Special student pricing  $480.00 + HST for two (2) sessions
Session 1:  90-120 minutes
Session 2:  90-120 minutes
Additional sessions, if desired, are additional fee.

Do not wait until the last minute before an exam to schedule your sessions.  Schedule now already for full benefit!

Give yourself permission to make lasting change.
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