With a full spectrum of solutions, I work with women and men who are serious about making life changes to fulfill their potential. Trained and experienced in several therapeutic approaches, each session is tailored to your individual and unique needs.  My approach is strengths-based, focusing on your inner resources to help you step more fully into your strengths. It is my belief that you already have the abilities within yourself to achieve your goals. My approach is addressing your concerns and guiding you to genuine solutions that will work for you.


Struggling to gain control over your diet or your weight?

Successful weight loss using hypnosis – Psychology Today

Hypnosis works with your unconscious to help you achieve your healthiest weight.  Perhaps the most common New Year’s resolution, not surprisingly, is to lose those extra pounds that may have dogged you for some time – even before the holidays rolled around. And this is for good reason, as about 40% of US adults are overweight, and another 30% are obese (defined as having a body mass index of 30 or greater).  Most people know that eating healthier and exercising regularly can facilitate weight loss, and that remaining overweight comes at significant costs to health and self-esteem. Yet, only about 20% of overweight individuals are successful at maintaining weight loss long-term.  ~ I regularly host group sessions (private where you can build your own group of friends, or public) and private 1:1 to support whatever weight-management program or diet you are exploring.  Testimonials 

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Ready to quit smoking but it’s the umpteenth time?

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation Sees Strong Results  – Science Daily

Hospitalized patients who smoke may be more likely to quit smoking through the use of hypnotherapy than patients using other smoking cessation methods. A new study* shows that smoking patients who participated in one hypnotherapy session were more likely to be nonsmokers at 6 months compared with patients using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) alone or patients who quit “cold turkey”. ~ Private 1:1 hypnosis/hypnotherapy sessions can be the key you’re seeking to your smoking cessation goal.  Testimonials


Dental fear or anxiety?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for anxious patients – Dr. Liran Levin, Dentist and Professor of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta, CBC News Canada

Hypnosis can be a useful tool to help anxious patients.  Dir Liran Levin has been using the practice fo years to help patients calm their anxieties and manage their pain during procedures.  ~ By teaching you relaxation techniques and/or self-hypnosis, you can visit your dentist with less fear or worry. Testimonials


Holding on to resentment that you wish you could let go of or struggling to decide whether to forgive someone who’s hurt you?

Imagine how wonderful it would be to recover from pain and sadness that often comes after the loss of a relationship

Imaging moving on and paving the way for a new relationship to blossom. Combining strategies from NLP and hypnosis, I can help you successfully release from the pain of loss and rejection, leaving you free to build a bright, positive future for yourself.  This powerfully, profound technique has helped so many to recover, not only from the pain suffered from romantic relationships, but also from hurts caused by friends, children or relatives, and even the loss of a pet, job, etc.  ~ Testimonials


The Science Behind Guided Imagery – Huff Post

We’ve come to understand that what best serves our sense of strength, wholeness, vitality and personal power is owning whatever it is we feel, no matter how unpleasant, and then just breathing it out.  ~ Guided imagery and visualization is a powerful approach and is connected to hypnosis. Testimonials

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Drug-free Treatments Offer Hope For Older People In Pain – ScienceNews

Mind-body therapies, which focus on the interactions between the mind, body and behavior, and the ways in which emotional, mental, social and behavioral factors can affect health, may be of particular benefit to elderly chronic pain sufferers. A new study provides a structured review of eight mind-body interventions for older people, including progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, tai chi and yoga. ~ Hypnosis has been helpful to many clients!  Testimonials


Wishing you could get a better or longer sleep?

Hypnosis extends restorative slow-wave sleep, research shows – ScienceDaily

Sleep shouldn’t be a struggle, learn how to fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer!  Sleeping well is a crucial factor contributing to our physical and mental restoration. Slow-Wave sleep (SWS) in particular has a positive impact for instance on memory and the functioning of the immune system. During periods of SWS, growth hormones are secreted, cell repair is promoted and the defense system is stimulated. ~ Give yourself permission to explore hypnosis to support your sleep goals! Testimonials


Intuitive, Adaptive, and Effective Support

Caregivers, family and service providers – Health and well-being in informal and formal caregivers is vital for this growing population. I offer individual, private meditation/guided imagery/hypnosis sessions and small or large group sessions. Some of the benefits of guided meditation and/or hypnosis especially in health care workers include: feeling relaxed, gaining more energy and work ability, able to better deal with workload, help with stress issues, a positive effect on work and leisure time.

Entrepreneurs and consultants – My approach is to focus on and emphasize what is right with the client instead of what is wrong. My personal belief is that clients already have the strengths needed to make the changes desired. It’s a matter of finding, bolstering, and reigniting and energizing those strengths. Clients do amazing things every day as a result of the power of hypnosis.

Corporate executives, leaders, and teams – Working with small and corporate businesses, I provide customized programs for individuals or groups. Formats such as individual, private hypnosis sessions and small or large group guided meditations, visualizations/imagery and/or introductory hypnosis sessions are an excellent addition to existing professional development/training and/or leadership coaching activities.

Personal and individual development – I offer individual, private sessions including guided meditations, visualizations, introductory or progressive hypnosis sessions, as well as teaching self-hypnosis and meditation.

Transform Your Life Challenges and Step More Fully Into ​Your Strengths

Regardless of the issue and how long you’ve been grappling with it,
you most likely are considering hypnosis to see if it can help you get unstuck.
I believe that it can.

Tamelynda Lux,
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