“After seeing very positive results with my brother I decided to give hypnosis a try for a couple of issues I had been battling. I have personally experienced steady improvements since my appointment with Tamelynda. My confidence has grown, anxiety reduced as well as many other positive results. I have complete trust in Tamelynda, she has made the whole experience positive. I highly recommend her services, life changing without a doubt. Such a kind, caring and genuine lady.” ~ Elizabeth M. (Burlington, ON) Anxiety & Confidence

How Hypnosis Works

Using progressive relaxation and direct suggestion, you will connect directly with
your imagination and inner creative self – the subconscious part of your mind which
influences your actions and feelings.​

​In the relaxing state of hypnosis, your subconscious becomes free and receptive to positive and beneficial suggestions, releasing negative emotional blocks. You will access your inner resources and explore your hidden ideas and insights, using a proven technique of hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy.

You can change old behaviours and habits into new constructive ones,
transforming your life challenges into enhancing life experience and engagement.​

What Happens During Hypnosis

Through hypnosis you can naturally and safely achieve a number of goals in a relatively short time!
This is done by the hypnosis/hypnotherapy practitioner guiding you through a process to . . .

when your conscious mind is no longer in alert mode.

 removing resistance through trance, your subconscious mind allows you to naturally embrace change.

stopping your natural habit to analyze everything.

freeing you to focus on what you want to change by making powerful suggestions for
your benefit and well-being and encouraging lasting change.

The Power For Positive Change Resides Within Your Own Mind

When you choose to accept the suggestions presented through hypnosis,
you can be comfortable knowing that you are the one safely in control
​of your own positive experience.
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