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Maybe you’ve thought about it too – knowing there’s more and wanting to discover or reignite something inside yourself.

It’s important to note that delivery formats and number of sessions are customized according to the client’s presenting issue, concern or goal. Hypnosis and lasting change can happen in as few as one or two sessions.

“It’s about moving from surviving to thriving!” ~ Tamelynda Lux

“No binge eating since our first session – yay! I felt the results of hypnosis right away. In a good way, the desire to indulge in bad choices and addictive practices was gone. Tamelynda unlocked the strength inside me to finally achieve this goal, something I have never been able to do on my own. Tamelynda was knowledgeable, compassionate and thoughtful. I understood the process before we began and she provided insight and support from beginning to end. Blending coaching and hypnotherapy is a winning combination, that I would recommend without reservation.” ~ J.D. (London, ON) – Healthy Eating Habits

Private 1:1 Session

  • A 90-120 minute one-to-one private and personalized hypnosis session.
  • Personalized assessment.
  • Sessions are available by appointment at a per-session investment or may qualify for discount on a prepaid special arrangement.
  • Investment:  initial sessions are billed per session, not per hour. When averaged, the per-hour investment is similar to that of massage therapy.

Public Group Session

  • Typically a 2-hour session, depending on topic.

Private Closed Group Session

  • Typically a 2-hour session minimum, depending on topic.
  • Request to build your own group and around a topic of your choice.  You can find out more details by contacting me directly 519-670-5219 or visiting our popular Life-as-a-Verb “Party” (minimum 4 friends, 2 hours, 1 topic).

Corporate Closed Group Sessions

  • My corporate training sessions are client-focused solutions that equip employees with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to succeed in their day-to-day work, to advance in their roles and to build organizational capacity.

Industry Associations and Organizations Sessions

  • My presentations cover a range of topics with or without a group hypnosis experience or demonstration.  All sessions are client-focused solutions that provide attendees with new knowledge or a new perspective around a particularly topic.

Give yourself permission to make lasting change.
Feel free to call (519) 670-5219 to discuss your situation, for more information, or to book a consultation.

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