Thank you to my clients who have taken the time to share their insights into their experiences with hypnosis.  And thank you for choosing me as your hypnosis practitioner, helping you overcome life’s challenges. ~ Tamelynda Lux

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I was very skeptical about hypnosis actually working for me, and that was further solidified when I tried another therapist before finding Tamelynda. My first experience was not helpful and thankfully I gave it another go and this time, went to see Tamelynda. I was suffering from panic attacks and Tamelynda gave me tools which have helped prevent another attack. Instead of just hypnotizing me and sending me on my way, Tamelynda dives deep into what elements may be present that are contributing to your issues and develops a complete treatment program. I am so grateful for the help Tamelynda gave me and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help overcoming any issue that can’t be treated with normal methods.” Frank Sparks (London, ON)

“Tamelyda was so lovely and helpful from day one! I’ve been struggling with major anxiety issues, and she made sure she could fit me in immediately when I needed the help. I felt like the techniques that she showed me and helped me with through hypnosis truly helped. She’s very easy to talk to and a very warm and welcoming personality!” Rachael Holden (London, ON)

Wonderful therapist, gave me the relaxation and strength to get through a difficult time. I came out of sessions with enough space to deal with my life, and relaxation tools to support myself then and now. I recommend StepStone wholeheartedly!Janet Lougheed (London, ON)

Tamelynda is great at what she does. She is a special person who can make you feel heard, understood and comfortable. I highly recommend her.Amelia Jones (London, ON)

Tamelynda is very patient and genuine. Her voice is extremely soothing and I loved every minute of her hypnosis!Jenna Brooks (London, ON)

My congratulations to Tamelynda for getting through my emotional defences. I have been seeing a psychiatrist for 10+ years. The psychiatrist’s office is supposed to be a “safe place” but in all the years seeing him, I very rarely open up as easily or deeply as I did when working with Tamelynda. I turned to her hypnotism service hoping to find relief for insomnia. Last night I slept very well. For much of my life I have felt that things were out of my control and hopeless. Through positive affirmations, Tamelynda assisted me with getting beyond my self doubt. Throughout the entire process, I was fully aware that I was in control. Hypnosis can offer very fast results, and I feel a sense of greater well-being after only a couple of sessions. The sun is indeed shining! Thank you Tamelynda for being such a professional, caring hypnotist.” M.P. (London, ON) – Insomnia

“No binge eating since our first session – yay! I felt the results of hypnosis right away. In a good way, the desire to indulge in bad choices and addictive practices was gone. Tamelynda unlocked the strength inside me to finally achieve this goal, something I have never been able to do on my own. Tamelynda was knowledgeable, compassionate and thoughtful. I understood the process before we began and she provided insight and support from beginning to end. Blending coaching and hypnotherapy is a winning combination, that I would recommend without reservation.” ~ J.D. (London, ON) – Healthy Eating Habits

“After participating in my hypnosis session with Tamelynda, I felt a greater sense of relaxation. I find I am able to recover more quickly from situations that make me feel stressed and anxious. I had concerns the hypnosis experience may be embarrassing or uncomfortable but found the session to be quite the opposite. The discussion about things that are keeping me “stuck” or creating barriers to my being more relaxed was enlightening. I recommend hypnosis with Tamelynda to anyone looking for a natural way to be more relaxed and focused.”~ Elizabeth A.

“Hypnosis helped me get better with my decision making about what direction I needed to take next. Tamelynda helped me regain my confidence and not feel so overwhelmed with my projects.” ~ L.R. (London, ON) – Entrepreneurship

“My hypnosis session with Tamelynda was remarkable. I was admittedly a little resistant but was quickly fully immersed. Tamelynda’s professional and knowledgeable approach addressed any concerns I had. Later when describing my experience to others I was asked if I had clucked like a chicken, which of course I didn’t. I am eagerly looking forward to my next session to further support my goal of focus and relaxation.” ~ Debbie D. (London, ON) – Job Stress

“Hypnosis helped give more of a calmness. At first, when it was suggested to me, I was leery thinking it may be something that would go against my spiritual beliefs but realized it wasn’t. Tamelynda is someone you can trust as she is calm, non-judgemental and provides positive reinforcement. I recommend hypnosis to anyone who is trying to break through or overcome any fears they are facing because it works with the support of the right hypnotherapy practitioner, which Tamelynda has proven to be for me. I personally know she is there to support me!” ~David S. (Toronto, ON) – Anxiety

“After seeing very positive results with my brother I decided to give hypnosis a try for a couple of issues I had been battling. I have personally experienced steady improvements since my appointment with Tamelynda. My confidence has grown, anxiety reduced as well as many other positive results. I have complete trust in Tamelynda, she has made the whole experience positive. I highly recommend her services, life changing without a double. Such a kind, caring and genuine lady.” ~ Elizabeth M. (Hamilton, ON) – Anxiety & Relationship

“After trying numerous methods over 20+ years to overcome alcohol consumption, I am now completely alcohol free thanks to my sessions with Tamelynda.” ~ Mel D. (London, ON) – Sabotaging Habit

“I got confirmation and received new insights and awareness.  I saw some surprising scenes and received several messages, affirmations and gifts.” ~ Participant (London, ON) – Guided Visualization Workshop

“Lots of value with the experience.  Very safe and comfortable.  Space held beautifully.” ~ Participant (London, ON) – Guided Visualization Workshop

“I felt very relaxed in a non-judgemental environment and was able to visualize myself in the future!” ~ Participant (London, ON) – Guided Visualization Workshop

“It made me aware of the steps I need to take.  As a result of this experience, I know I am very special and have to do something now to get a better future.” ~ Participant (London, ON) – Guided Visualization Workshop

“Very interesting!  I normally have a hard time controlling my thoughts but I found your voice to be soothing and I didn’t find my mind straying like it tends to. ” ~ Participant (London, ON) – Guided Visualization Workshop

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