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You have just taken ​the first step toward better living. ​​
You will be glad you came to explore the possibilities of hypnosis for you.


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“My hypnosis session with Tamelynda was remarkable. I was admittedly a little resistant but was quickly fully immersed.  Tamelynda’s professional and knowledgeable approach addressed any concerns I had.  Later when describing my experience to others I was asked if I had clucked like a chicken, which of course I didn’t.  I am eagerly looking forward to my next session to further support my goal of focus and relaxation.”
~  Debbie D. (London, ON)

Imagine connecting directly with your imagination and inner creative self to find those signature strengths that are already inside you, waiting to help you meet a brighter future, just for you!

Your health is an investment and one which you deserve!


Overcome Your Life Challenges and Step More Fully Into ​Your Strengths
​By bringing you to a deeper cognitive level and by accessing your inner resources,
​you can then change old behaviours and habits into new constructive ones.


Tamelynda Lux, CCH, CPH, PCC, CRCi, NLP, DipAdEd
London Coaching & Hypnotherapy Associates
StepStone Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Advanced Resilience Training & Development
Lux & Associates (est. 1988)
​​ ~ Parent Company

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