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“My hypnosis session with Tamelynda was remarkable. I was admittedly a little resistant but was quickly fully immersed.  Tamelynda’s professional and knowledgeable approach addressed any concerns I had.  Later when describing my experience to others I was asked if I had clucked like a chicken, which of course I didn’t.  I am eagerly looking forward to my next session to further support my goal of focus and relaxation.” ~  Debbie D. (London, ON)

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

 Imagine  connecting directly with your imagination and inner creative self to  find those signature strengths that are already inside you, waiting to  help you meet a brighter future, just for you!
Your health is an investment and one which you deserve! 

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FREE resources to assist you during the Covid19 pandemic.

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  Consultations usually available within 24 hours and an initial 1:1 session scheduled within 1-3 days.

I have conducted effective hypnosis sessions via the internet. We can address your needs privately and safely online. Contact me now to schedule your session.

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Areas of focus / Specialty

Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety.

It can also be used to help in coping with the symptoms of panic – Very Well Mind 

Our goal in working together, in a co-active and collaborative manner, is to support your healing process to overcome your struggle because of a history of trauma or adversity.  We can reignite the natural empowerment and resiliency you have within you for effective, sustainable recovery. These are private 1:1 sessions.

Difficulty Sleeping

Sleep shouldn’t be a struggle, learn how to fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer! Sleeping well is a crucial factor contributing to our physical and mental restoration. Slow-Wave sleep (SWS) in particular has a positive impact for instance on memory and the functioning of the immune system. During periods of SWS, growth hormones are secreted, cell repair is promoted and the defense system is stimulated. Give yourself permission to explore hypnosis to support your sleep goals! 

Weight & Healthy Eating

Hypnosis works with your unconscious to help you achieve your healthiest weight. Most people know that eating healthier and exercising regularly can facilitate weight loss, and that remaining overweight comes at significant costs to health and self-esteem. Yet, only about 20% of overweight individuals are successful at maintaining weight loss long-term.

I regularly host group sessions (private where you can build your own group of friends, or a public group of individuals) and private 1:1 to support whatever weight-management program or diet you are exploring.  

Women's & Men's Issues/Concerns

 When you are living healthier and communicating in a healthier style, you can achieve so many benefits in life including gaining self-confidence and self-esteem, understanding and recognizing your feelings, and earning the respect from others.  You can notice an improvement in communication, create win-win situations, improve decision-making skills, and create honest relationship.these decisions are often stressful and have significant impact on suffering and the quality of living and dying. Hypnosis offers a way to move forward with less stress and with positive impact on the quality of your life. 

End-of-Life Issues, Concerns, & Care

Are you or a loved one on the end-of-life journey?

End-of-Life support can help with the emotional aspects of this transition and/or active final journey.  Hypnotic approaches allow individuals to move their nervous systems out of heightened stress reactions into a relaxation response, which is conducive to comfort, restoration and emotional healing.

My role as hypnosis practitioner is to help individuals from time of terminal illness diagnoses to end-of-life find peace, wellness, and comfort with compassionate hypnosis. The role of the hypnosis/mindfulness practitioner is expanding and in recent years; hospitals and clinics are including this as part of their integrative wellness approach. 

Loss, Grief & Bereavement

 My support includes loss of someone through a MAiD provision, COVID19, or other circumstance.

Does your grief feel all-consuming? Or, perhaps you aren't feeling overwhelmed but need a little bit of support. Is  there a part of you which is holding on to resentment that you wish you  could let go of? 

Imagine  how wonderful it would be to recover from pain and sadness that often  comes after the loss, whether it's through death or of a relationship.

Combining  strategies from coaching and/or hypnosis (either or both), you can  successfully find release from the pain of loss and rejection, leaving  you free to build a bright, positive future for yourself. This  powerfully, profound technique has helped so many to recover, not only  from the pain suffered from romantic relationships, but also from hurts  caused by friends, children or relatives, and even the loss of a pet,  job, etc.



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